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Motivational Speaker Available as a keynote speaker for cruises and other special events, motivational and inspirational seminar speaker, business inspiration and employee motivation speaker, leadership training, business commerce group speaker, business networking group speaker, church and community organization inspirational speaker. (760) 744-7969


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(760) 331-7233

Audience Testimonials

"Suzanne Boehm lived an unusual and difficult life by any measure, yet her story is one of faith, hope and love.  Her near-death experience shaped much of her adult life, and her writing reflects the indefinable ecstasy of an encounter with the Light and with the Creator of us all.  The joyous glee of her writing is epitomized by her question: "Did you know that God has a sense of humor?"

Arvin S. Gibson
Author: Glimpses of Eternity
            Echoes From Eternity
            Fingerprints of God

"I can't begin to tell you how much your book has meant to me.  From the very first page to the very last page, your story has had a very dramatic impact on my memories . . . I can't wait to share your book with my friends."

Gail L., San Diego, CA

"A profound life-changing book that reveals the next level of human experience."

Lee Boothby, Attorney

"You will enjoy a light-hearted, soulful journey through life and death."

Dr. Richard Kaye

"It was a pleasure to watch your seminar.  Your many years in the industry bring credibility to your message.  Your people and platform skills combine to provide a way to reach your audience. You demonstrated grace and rapport through the recognition you extended. You have a wonderful stage presence."

Marry-Ellen Drummond, Professional Speaker
Author: Fearless and Flawless Public Speaking
A Woman's Way to Incredible Success in Business

"Suzanne, you've 'walked your talk' and you have the heart and humor it takes to make a truly memorable speaker.  Thank you for serving as a role model for so many."

Susan Ludwig, Professional Speaker
Author: Petite Style

"Suzanne radiates enthusiasm and inspires her audience to connect with their personal enthusiasm."

Janie E. Davis, Life Choreography Network, Coronado, CA
Author: Unlock Your Heart: Goal Setting from the inside out

"I really appreciated Suzanne's expressiveness in the presentations. It lighted up the whole seminar. She has a way with words that opens the ears. Excellent!"

Bonnie M., Portland, OR

"Excellent! I have a whole new attitude."

Sandy H., Vancouver, WA

"As business owners, we would like to recommend Suzanne and her seminar. We believe you will experience, as we have, a new level of excitement and growth in your business."

BCB International, McCall, Idaho

"It's clear that you began your life with an indomitable spirit, and the NDE only reinforced and clarified how you transformed adversity into wisdom and continue to do so.

Silana Lundin, Luminous WorldViews

Suzanne Offers Speaker Training and more . . .

  • Public Speaking
  • Speech writing
  • Presentations
  • Communication skills
  • Authoring a book
  • Projecting a positive image
  • Lectern Etiquette
  • Projecting your voice
  • Vocal Variety
  • Overcoming Speaking Fear
  • Speech delivery
  • Working your audience. . . and much more!

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