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Motivational Speaker Available as a keynote speaker for cruises and other special events, motivational and inspirational seminar speaker, business inspiration and employee motivation speaker, leadership training, business commerce group speaker, business networking group speaker, church and community organization inspirational speaker.


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Suzanne's Inspiring Mission

People’s potential to grow depends upon their “willingness” to be open. In order to accomplish anything in life, one needs to be willing to open one’s mind to new information.

Suzanne’s qualified insight derives from more than three decades of experience as a business-owner and the challenges of life in general. Presenting programs that are noted for effectiveness, enlightening and entertaining value, Suzanne's “YOU CAN DO IT” approach is inspiring as well as educational.

Suzanne’s speeches are designed with your specific needs in mind as she blends memorable anecdotes with light humor to illustrate the many ways you can benefit from applying the positive principles of love to your life.  Suzanne Boehm has earned a reputation for motivating her audience covering the ever-needed topics of self-esteem, making choices, using self-talk, honor, and personal prosperity consciousness.

As a survivor of a death experience, author of BEYOND THE TUNNEL, and an award-winning speaker, SUZANNE BOEHM, is a multi-lingual speaker, both nationally and internationally, presenting to organizations which include corporations, conventions, associations, churches, and universities.

Suzanne Boehm's Experience

Long-time member of Toastmasters International ATM
Mentoring - As Co-founder of "Inspirationalists Gavel Club 162" at Miramar Naval Air Station Consolidated Brig, San Diego, CA and an Ordained Minister - Los Angeles Community Church - Field Ministry, Suzanne mentors prisoners to inspire and guide them in their future.
Languages: Suzanne speaks Four Languages: English, German, Dutch, and Flemish
Has received Awards for Success in Leadership: Embodying Exemplary Leadership Principles
Is a licensed private airplane pilot and a former spa owner in Belgium for 20+ years, and more than 20 years of advertising sales for the San Diego Chamber Orchestra.

  • National Governors' Association, Spouses Seminar
  • Launch of Amway's "Grooming Gear", Skin Care for men
  • IANDS (International Association of Near-Death Experiencers)
    2003 International Convention-Hawaii
  • Hospice Speaker Events
  • Vitas Bereavement Consortium
  • Tri-City Hospital
  • Rotary
  • Kiwanis
  • Lions Club
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • United Ostomy Association
  • Women's conferences, retreats, churches, universities, schools, hotels across the country

Featured in the "Final Destination 2"


"Joy by the Light"

Featured in the documentary called "Reflections Back and Beyond"

What Caused Their Near Death Experiences?

Contact Suzanne Boehm for details. (760) 331-7233 or EMAIL SUZANNE

Suzanne Offers Speaker Training and more . . .

  • Public Speaking
  • Speech writing
  • Presentations
  • Communication skills
  • Authoring a book
  • Projecting a positive image
  • Lectern Etiquette
  • Projecting your voice
  • Vocal Variety
  • Overcoming Speaking Fear
  • Speech delivery
  • Working your audience. . . and much more!

Contact Suzanne Boehm for details. (760) 331-7233  or EMAIL SUZANNE

The Movie

A movie of her book Beyond the Tunnel is in early film production stage while the necessary funding needed for production is being raised. 

Working Title: Beyond and Back

Producer: Dreamtime Cinema and One Time Productions

Contact Suzanne Boehm if you'd like to know more about the movie project, and possibly help with the production costs. (760) 331-7233  or EMAIL SUZANNE